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Jiangsu Changzhou Huaxin Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province, with a total investment of 20 million yuan and an area of 51 mu. It has more than 200 employees and an annual output of foaming materials of more than 50,000 cubic meters. The company has 80 sets of professional equipment, and has mature technology reserves, comprehensive implementation of domestic and foreign advanced management mode and quality assurance system, and passed the national ISO9001 quality management system certification. Company production of PEF products have heat preservation, heat insulation, sound-absorbing, seal, seismic and other excellent characteristics, widely used in automobile, household electrical appliances at home and abroad (including air conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, etc.), central air conditioning engineering, building industry, shipbuilding industry, sports equipment, shoes materials, packaging and other fields, such as chunlan, haier, hisense, sharp and form a complete set of large companies. PEF products are classified according to fire grade, including ordinary type, flame retardant type, and refractory type, etc., mainly used in:

1. Ventilation ducts of central air conditioning system and heat insulation of cold and hot water view in various buildings;

2. Heat insulation and sound insulation for all kinds of construction and industrial houses;

3. Pipe insulation for chemical industry;

4.train, car and other means of transport insulation and shock.

The company's materials are randomly inspected by the Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province and tested by the National Fire Prevention Building material Quality Testing Center. According to the judgment of GB 8624-1997, the combustion performance reaches GB 8624B1 and B2 standards.

EVA foam, CR foam, rubber and plastic mixed foam board produced by the company are characterized by high quality and low price in the domestic and foreign markets have a good reputation.

At the beginning of 2005, on the basis of the original common EVA board, the company's technical staff introduced Taiwan tasteless foaming technology, and improved the production process and formula, developed a new EVA+ latex material. Soon after the product was developed by many sports mat dealers in Europe, our company was entrusted to develop a new generation of environmentally friendly yoga mat. EVA yoga mat on the market has been the support of domestic environmental protection forces and many foreign environmental monitoring centers recognized. In 2005, our company produced 1.2 million EVA yoga MATS and sold them all to overseas markets (including Japan, South Korea and other countries with high environmental protection requirements).

In recent years, the company has developed various kinds of foaming material products with wide market independently, such as: yoga mat, gymnastics mat, camping mat, gym mat, grass mat (kneeling mat) and so on. The products are beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly.

Company has 3 sets of foaming equipment production lines, more than 15 second foaming machine, and the rest of the foaming equipment, 5 sets of finished products processing production line (thermal insulation material, exercise MATS products, punching parts products, composite, embossed, and other processing line), the production scale is expanding constantly, hope a man of insight to join us in line with the principle of mutual benefit.

The company pursues the purpose of "good quality, excellent reputation, customer first", strives for survival by quality, strives for development by science and technology!

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